Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing Supplies

Commercial Fencing Supplies

Fencing Supply Options

There are a number of fencing supply options in the UK today.  A lot of experts choose to use chain link fencing as it is a very practical form of fencing for all purposes.  It is difficult to climb over and is quite appealing to the eye.  


The wonderful thing about chain link fencing is that an amateur can install it and it sells at a reasonable price.  Generally it is welded and will be a metallic silver which is a stylish and contemporary look for any property.  Often, buyers choose to use this chain fencing as a type of frame and cover it with other materials.  Generally, the most complimentary materials would be aluminium and vinyl which will ensure aesthetic appeal as well as durability.  There are certain areas where this may be most helpful and where erosion is a serious problem like in coastal and mountainous areas.


In the UK today there are a number of commercial fencing suppliers that can get you any of the supplies you need as a wholesaler or retailer or even a consumer although most companies tend to deal in bulk.  Companies are also able to provide all sorts of commercial fencing. Some of their options include:

  • Chain links
  • Fence parts
  • Vinyl links
  • Swing gate barriers
  • Steel items
  • Tennis court fencing

There are a number of supplies to choose from and helpful PDF’s online which will show you how to install and construct fencing by yourself or within your company.

One of the main fencing suppliers who supply fences to customers in the UK are Total Security Solutions.  They supply everything from electric fencing to high security tall fencing and other barriers.  They specialise in these categories with supplies like:

  • Airport barriers
  • Hazard barriers
  • Perimeter security fencing
  • Boundary markers
  • Guardrail fencing
  • Timbre fencing

What to Consider When Choosing Fencing Supplies

Finding the right supplies for your business or home fencing needs will take a bit of time and of course a short consultation with a professional.  Although many of us consider ourselves very handy in the garden or with fulfilling all sorts of manly duties, it is best to speak to someone who has been doing this for years instead of trusting our own judgment.  Firstly, you will need to establish what your core needs are.  Supplies and products for home security are very different to those used in large-scale and corporate instances.  Bulk fencing supplies are more economic but also cost more and are generally taller and more industrial which will not suit a domestic perimeter.  However, if you are serious about security, there are a number of very impressive options for your commercial fencing that are sure to put doubt in the minds of criminals and the neighbours’ annoying cat.  Ask your supplier for options.

It will also suit you to consider durability.  Replacing or installing your fencing is a costly exercise and it is important to choose the right materials from the onset.  Whilst more durable materials like steel may cost more than others, you will get more out of your fencing.  In the same way vinyl supplies are useful as they need little maintenance and look great.  There are a variety of supplies available throughout the United Kingdom.