Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing Panels

Commercial Fencing Panels

What are Commercial Fencing Panels?

As a whole commercial fencing refers to anything you may use as a barrier or a closely related accessory on your property.  It may be a tennis court fence, picket fences, giant galvanized fences, turnstiles etc. but where do the panels come into play?  


Well, most of the time the more traditional fences are constructed from various types of panels. The closest example is a baby’s cot made of thin planks.

Packages and Variations

There are a number of commercial fencing companies in the UK.  Most stores offer panels for sale in the following packages:

  • 3 panel pack
  • 4 panel pack
  • 5 panel pack
  • 7 panel pack
  • 10 panel pack
  • 3 panel and 4 post pack
  • 4 panel and 5 post pack
  • 5 panel and 6 post pack
  • 7 panel and 8 post pack
  • 10 panel and 11 post pack

There are a number of variations that can help you customise your fencing by choosing from a selection of fairly unique panels that suit you.  You can buy wane edge fence panels which work well for those who want to be completely isolated from the street but still want to keep the domestic and homely feel that comes with wooden fencing.  The wood looks sanded but somewhat untreated and you will see variations in the colours of the panelling from dark brown to light brown with the wood rings often visible.  Another option is vertical hit and miss fencing.  This type of fencing generally has panels of about 6ft and it is impossible to get a grip on them and climb over.  These panels will help you to create the ultimate cabin-style lock-ins while maintaining your security.

Panel Suppliers

  • Danbury Fencing - Essex
  • Heritage Sheds and Fencing
  • Fence Tech fencing and Gates – West Midlands
  • Haydock Fencing - Merseyside
  • Eco Fencing - general
  • Allen M Fencing
  • Bblack fencing - Hampshire
  • Beeston Fencing Company - Notinghamshire

Of course you will have a wide range of companies to choose from but these are some of the more reputable and well known suppliers in the UK who are able to deal with your enquiries and supply panels in various forms depending on what you need.


Although it may seem like a lot of money to spend on fencing, you will find that most prices are fairly reasonable.  There are many suppliers and manufacturers and competition is stiff.  You may even be able to work out a deal in order to bring down the price of your panels if you make a mass purchase.  Ultimately, good fencing is worth whatever you pay for it because it secures your property and will generally last for a long time if maintained.  A 10 panel and 11 post package from will cost you £290.24 which is enough for you to perimeter an average-sized garden.  If that is too pricey, you could always try closed-board panels which are much less at £77.  In the end it pays to go with decent panelling and it’s easiest to choose your fence online.