Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing

What is Commercial Fencing?

Commercial fencing is a term that covers a range of barrier items from barbwire and ornamental iron through to free-standing barrier-arm gates.  There are also popular options in the form of PVC and Vinyl fencing on a commercial level.  


It is used for large areas and generally in a business context but also around domestic gardens and properties.  With the rise of crime has come a need for families to feel secure and there are now a number of options available to you that will meet your needs for security and peace of mind.

Many businesses thrive on charging for entrance or parking.  Also, assets need to be protected when staff aren’t around and tall fencing can deter criminals from breaking into the premises and steeling valuable stock.  However, we don’t only need proper fencing to protect us in the workplace.  It is also an important tool in crowd management and in the home.  By purchasing fencing we are safeguarded our most valuable possessions and loved ones and are able to customise our fencing to suit our own needs.  There are a number of fencing styles available that will match any property and add something special.


The best part of picking out your own fencing is being able to customise it as you want to.  Now there are a lot of accessories that you can do this with.  The most popular of these would be corner posts which are used where the fence points meet (in other words anywhere that you see a right angle).  There are also line posts which can be used in between the panelling to add some extra detail.  These can be placed anywhere as long as they are between two panels.  Fence caps are used above the posts to draw the eye to certain focal points.  

These accessories can be costly (with the exception of the fence caps) but really add something elaborate and different to look of your property and will of course, help you to create something that is somewhat unique to your own style and taste.


Generally, companies will install commercial fencing for you but most of the time it is something that you could easily do yourself or with the help of friends and family members.  Adding gates and accessories will make things trickier but the process in general is fairly simple.  Commercial fencing is not always easy to buy as a consumer and you may have to go through a company or professional in related occupations to get what you want.  This will also mean that hiring someone to install your fencing may become necessary if you don’t have the time or skill to do it yourself as these big production companies normally sell on to smaller retailers who do the work.  Also, if you go this route you will generally have to buy in bulk.


At the end of the day, investing in new fencing can totally uplift the appearance of your home or business and is well worth the money spent on the revamp.  Try to pick materials that are durable as fencing weathers easily and can erode due to exposure to the elements.